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HMD/Concrit, Contact, Open Plotting Post

Any comments you have on the way I play Nusakan go here. :3 Anon is ON IP logging is ON because I'm too lazy to change it. All comments are SCREENED.

If you prefer to contact me in person, you can reach me on AIM at meradrin nykrel. My plurk is heliel.

Additionally, if you ever want to plot here, feel free!

Fifth Symptom

[Morning; household//There's a light turned off inside your heart; can you remember what it's like to care?]

[Long since his arrival has morning become routine; the home is different, his company is different, but the rest remains largely unchanged. The only break in his daily routine is on the occasion that he receives mail - a coming that he's found usually brings the return of something from his normal life. This time, the mail contains a very familiar piece of clothing - his handmade lab coat, embroidered neatly at the seams and cuffs.

The plain white coats he's been using are easily set aside for this new piece, its form a vastly superior preference - though its function is important, too. Will anyone actually experience the healing power it possesses? Who knows? Blue and Silence already have; the rest will just have to see how he feels.]

A. On the way to work//Open//If you never meant to leave then you only had to stayCollapse )

B. At the hospital//Open//But the memories that haunt us are cherished just the sameCollapse )

C. Park//Open//As the ones that bring us closer to the sky, no matter how greyCollapse )

D. Phone//Drone Filters//And yet I fall, through these clouds, reaching, screamingCollapse )

Fourth Symptom [Some Backdated to Friday]

[A. House // Silly thoughts of small deeds; Everything that once answered to your needs]

Locked to housemates; backdatedCollapse )

[B. Action // Thoughtless but kind, caring but blind, Everything fades away]

At his work; BackdatedCollapse )

[C. Action // Everything fades away, come turning of the tide; for your love, I'm sorry; for your pain don't worry]

Around town; BackdatedCollapse )

[D. Action // Silhouettes, false leads; That which drew you like a crow to glass beads]

Around townCollapse )
[Prepost/Housemate]: [Now that he'd handled his conversation with his old ally, there was the matter of the package that came in the mail. This one, he notes, is shaped similarly to the first he got - the one that gave him back his scars.

Now that he thinks back on it, that he regained those first may be for the best. There is little, as far as intangibles, that he wouldn't like to have returned. Perhaps this one will be most fortuitous.]

And all I had to do was die. [There's more amusement in his voice than there rightly should be, given that very fact. Still, he slides a letter opener along the seam of the package, then opens it. Inside is a card, emblazoned with a very specific symbol. That symbol brings both pleasure and pain - how could he ever forget it...?

Becoming a mystic again is not unlike breathing anew, and he inhales sharply as his blood changes, paling his flesh and coursing power through his veins. Suddenly, his glasses mean little again... and he smiles broadly, fangs pressing against his lower lip.]

The Price I Paid For My Original SinCollapse )

Second Symptom [EVENT]

[It seems a little ironic, patrolling the very dairy he so recently investigated. Still, they were quite specific on the phone regarding protection of this place. No one is allowed so much as near it... and he has a theory on why.

Perhaps it's terrible of him for even agreeing to this, but the doctor has never claimed to be a 'good' person. There are roughly three people in this entire town that he cares about at all, and at least one of them should have no reason to come back here.

At any rate, he's not visible when someone approaches the path to the door, though he won't remain hidden for too long once a target is found. His first act will be to gain attention, firing off a strong stream of water near the target's head. Then... they can talk. He's not completely heartless, after all.]
[Welcome to your new place, hm? This is not exactly the morning wakeup he expected. He certainly hadn't gone to bed with a partner, and certainly not a female partner. And, on top of that... this was definitely not his lavish bed, or his dark room... how peculiar.

A quick exploration reveals the reason - indeed, this is a house not at all like his office in Koorong. There's no noise outside, and it certainly isn't dark or rainy... and the pictures on the walls, and the mantel when he heads downstairs, are telling enough. How he arrived here is... unimportant, right now. It's replaced by a feeling of excitement he's not felt in many a year, and in spite of himself, a grin spreads across his face. A new place, with new people... of course, he can feel the differences in himself, too. Like being in a dream, where his body is reduced to human again...]

A. [At any rate, he's quick to leave the sanctity of his home at 1228 Taylor Rd. and explore the surroundings. Not even the sound of a single monster? A little bit of a disappointment, but he's quickly over that, as well. The snow crunching beneath his feet makes him, for the moment, glad he'd grabbed a jacket - yes, his body is definitely human again. Introduce him to the town?]

B. [Later that evening, he'll have realized (either on his own or with the help of someone else trapped here) that the phones are used rather regularly. Lucky for him, he also recalls how to use them - the antique things may have been just that in Koorong, but he lived through their periods of use. There's no sense in filtering this call, though, whether he knows how to do so (or that he should do so) or not.

His voice is smooth and slightly accented - though most people won't realize it's from not having his fangs to contend with.]

Good afternoon. It's quite a place we've come to reside in, don't you think? The atmosphere... it's almost saccharine in its perfection. It makes one want to dissect it and find out what's hiding beneath that sugary surface...

[ooc] Permissions Post

All-purpose Permissions Post. I'll be updating this whenever something comes up, probably with an update to the main Mayfield comm. ♥

What shall I do to you, hmm?Collapse )